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Prove it and you will get it
I know you want a taste. Don’t try and deny it. I can see it written all over your face, even though you don’t want me noticing. Don’t you play innocent with me. I know you better than that. Your eyes are giving you away. They always do. There is no use hiding your lust behind them. Eventually it will burn through and show itself.
You can virtually feel the fluid on your lips, can’t you? That warm, salty flavor. The essence of excitement. The reason and the result of pure pleasure. You know the smell so well and the taste even better. And now you want it dripping onto your tongue again. Smeared over your lips. Trickling down your eager throat.
I will feed it to you, drop by drop, any way you like, but only under one condition. You have to tell me just how much you want it. How desperate you are to have it. I want you to ask me nicely for it, just like the good girl you are. I want to know that there is nothing you crave more at this very moment.
Now, my needy woman, prove it to me. Make me believe it with your words and with your actions. Beg me for a taste and I will feed you. How badly do you want it?
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